Office Renovation

Office Renovation

With an office renovation, you refresh or revive your workplace by fixing what’s already there and perhaps adding some new elements.

When would you choose to renovate?

Sometimes you need more significant change than an office reconfiguration provides. This is a great option for updating your office to match the way your employees work.

You might consider renovations that help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here are some other reasons you might choose to renovate:

  • Your current structure is strong, but the space needs to be updated to match employee needs
  • Your building is a historic landmark, to stay you need to make it more functional for the workforce
  • There was a recent merger or acquisition
  • You’re in an older building and are paying too high of an energy bill
  • You need easier accessibility to people and things

Examples of renovation

Your renovation efforts may include adding a better quality air filtration system, changing surfaces to germ-resistant material, such as copper, or possibly installing a disinfection system with UV lighting.

  • Other examples of ways to renovate your office:
  •  Upgrade and replace current HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
  •  Incorporate more energy-efficient products, like double-paned windows and a programmable thermostat.
  •  Include better sound masking systems.
  • Support employee mobility with wireless connectivity and communication tools.

Some things to keep in mind

For a total office renovation, you’ll need to keep your entire staff out of the office space during the renovation period. If you aren't planning to return to work until 2021, this might be an ideal time to renovate. If you have a temporary space to go, or if you’re just renovating a few areas, renovations can happen while employees continue working in the office space.

Issues tend to arise that you didn’t plan for, especially with older buildings, as you begin your renovation plans. These unexpected costs can quickly exceed your original renovation budget.

Renovations are a faster solution than redesigns, and cost a little less, too. But if you have to keep employees in the space during the renovations, that can slow the renovation timeframe down and be distracting for employees.

Office Redesign

An office redesign means you’ll be designing your office space again, just in a different way by changing its appearance, function and/or equipment. When your space no longer meets the needs of your workforce or isn’t being used efficiently, it may benefit from a redesign.

Here are some scenarios an office redesign could address:


  • A poorly designed office that doesn’t take advantage available space, and doesn’t have enough work or storage space
  • You want your current space to seem bigger without paying the time and money
    to add on more square footage
  • There’s limited functional space or unnecessary extra noise that negatively affects
    employee productivity
  • Your current space is not client-friendly

Examples of office redesigning

Density will be problematic in the post-pandemic office place. If reconfiguring desks isn’t an option, you may need to change the design of the office to provide different types of space. For instance, if you have several large conference rooms, they may need to beconverted to accommodate the need for more private spaces.

In addition responding to  COVID-19 concerns, there are several other ways a redesign
can improve the office.
For example:

  •  Provide more plug-and-play technology space
  • Add smaller, informal meeting room spaces
  • Give employees one or multiple break-out zones where they can relax and recharge

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Some things to keep in mind when updating office design

As you begin this process, start by getting clear on your office redesign’s top priorities. Do you want to reduce health risks, change the atmosphere, or just make better use of the space you have?

  • To identify and stay focused on your priorities, you should: Ask what specific needs employees have
  •  Let function inspire fashion
  •  Talk to multiple contractors and designers before starting
  •  Carefully plan out every detail